MASSIVE Voter Fraud and Intimidation from 2008 Obama Campaign

Posted: April 10, 2012 in 2012 Election, Conservative, Obama, Politics
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A visual journey through the eyes of those who lived through the massive voter fraud, intimidation, and even accusations of death threats and murder perpetrated by the Obama campaign in 2008. A groundswell of support has risen throughout the United States to take back our country from one Barack Hussein Obama who literally stole the election. Will America rise to the occasion? The producer of this video ends with the simple words, ‘Please help…’ Will you rise up to help eject the usurper Obama out of office via the election in November, a call for resignation, or, even as a last resort, impeachment?

  1. No need to worry about massive voter fraud now that the Conservatives in 23 states have managed to get their voter suppression laws in place to disenfranchise as many as 5 million potential voters and thus secure what they think is permanent power for themselves. The groundswell to take the country back from the President? Not big enough and not powerful enough! America is wise to the wiles of Conservatism as it is constituted today. The clown show will not prevail. America is much bigger than the angry radical right…much bigger indeed!

    • Rob says:

      Americanliberaltimes, Why be concerned with voter id laws if liberals aren’t trying to cheat the system? Take Texas for example, it’s FREE to get a photo I.D.! You’re just mad because you liberals got caught. We are onto you. Quit being a follower, and think for yourself. Look at the proof, it’s clear, Obama stole the election in 2008. It won’t happen again in 2012!

  2. […] MASSIVE Voter Fraud and Intimidation from 2008 Obama Campaign ( […]

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